Residential Brands

The Light Point has partnered with the most prominent European and global brands. We are offering a full range of quality decorative lighting fittings and affordable solutions designed to meet your individual desires. You can browse through our showroom collection or pick the lighting fixture of your choice from the online catalogue of any of our famous brands and we are ready to deliver.


Artecta, Netherlands: Affordable LED solutions.
Astro, UK: Complete range of lights for residential and hospitality sector, including bathroom lighting.
Atelier Sedap, France: High quality plaster body lighting fittings.
Bel Lighting, Belgium: Architectural & Residential range of stainless steel lights.
Flos, Italy: A celebrated company with decorative lights of timeless design.
FontanaArte, Italy: A well known company with high quality decorative lights.
Francesconi, Italy: Full range of outdoor architectural lighting fittings.
Ingo Maurer, Germany: A famous company with exceptional lamps.
Intra Lighting, Slovenia: Architectural luminaires and smart lighting solutions.
Leds-C4, Spain: Exterior and Interior affordable lighting solutions.
Lucifero's, Italy: A well-known company for high quality architectural lighting.
OLUCE, Italy: Decorative fittings that stand out.
ONOK, Spain: Quality recessed spotlights and architectural lights.
Osmont, Czech Republic: Interior and exterior lighting solutions.
Prolicht, Austria: Architectural lighting profiles and luminaires of high quality and design.
PXF Lighting, Poland: Architectural and commercial inexpensive lighting fittings.
Slamp, Italy: Decorative lights of distinct design and innovative materials.
Sylvania: A well-known group of companies for lighting fixtures and bulbs with innovative solutions in LED lighting.
Tefel Lighting, Greece: Architectural & Residential range of stainless steel lights.
Terzani, Italy: Renowned luxury design lights.
Wever & Ducre, Belgium: Trendy decorative luminaires.